3 Best Croffle in Jakarta, Must Try!

Croffle? What is Croffle? I’m sure you hear of the world Croffle before. Croffle is a mash-up word from Croissant and Waffle. Croffle started to appear in Indonesia back in 2020 but since the PPKM started, Croffle are becoming extremely popular in Indonesia especially among the millennials.

Started in 2017, Irish pastry chef Louise Lennox introduced the Croffle, a food hybrid that combines croissants and waffles by placing rich buttery croissant pastries into a waffle iron for 4-5 minutes. The high impact of heat from the waffle iron makes the puff pastry crispier than when baked in a conventional oven. This new concept can be stuffed with both sweet and salty fillings, giving the traditional croissant a whole new set of possibilities.

1. Social Affair

Social Affair is the first cafe that serves croffles. As the name implies, croffles and croissants are not much different in texture and taste. However, croffles have a denser texture and are not flaky because croffles are made with a waffle machine. The croffles here have a crunchier texture than other shops. 

There are various flavors to offer, ranging from original, peanut butter & jelly, cream cheese, to Nutella. Meanwhile, the favorite flavors at this shop are salted caramel and rich toast croffle. In Social Affair, you can add ice cream toppings to the croffles too. 

Price : IDR 30-35k per piece.

Stores Location: PIK, Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Cilandak Town Square

Order : Takeaway, GoFood or GrabFood

2. Bakerman

Located in the Ashta District 8 mall area, SCBD, Bakerman has a pastry croffle menu that is famous among millennials. Before the PPKM was implemented, many people were willing to queue long enough at Bakerman.

This American style outlet has a large croffle size compared to other shops. The texture of this Bakerman’s croffle is not much different from other shops, which is crunchy, flaky, and buttery.

Interestingly, this Bakerman has a contemporary taste, such as Lotus Biscoff, Nutella, and salted caramel. In addition, there are also variants of cinnamon sugar, kaya toast, maple, peanut butter & jelly, and original.

Price : IDR 25-28K per piece

Location : Ashta District 8

Order : Takeaway, GoFood or GrabFood

3. Dear Butter

Dear Butter, who is going viral on TikTok. If you order croffles here, you have to be willing to queue for an hour or more. Even though you have to queue for a long time, the croffle taste from the shop does not disappoint.

The croissants at the viral shop have a soft, buttery, and flaky texture. Before being put into the waffle machine, the croffle dough is smeared with sugar first. Therefore, the taste of the croffle alone is sweet even without any dipping.

Dear Butter has a variety of dippings, ranging from almond maple, choco crunch, blueberry cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, and strawberry jam. 

Price: starting from IDR 27K per 3 pieces – IDR 86K per 9 pieces.

Location: Senopati, Central Park Mall, Emporium Pluit Mall, Pejompongan, Kelapa Gading, ITC Kuningan, Tebet, Mall Kota Kasablanka, Cempaka Putih, Lebak Bulus, Lippo Mall Puri, Citra 6, Puri Park View.

Order : Takeaway, GoFood or GrabFood

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