Comfy Car Wash in Jogja, MUST TRY!

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Jogja, one of the leading tourism cities in Indonesia, not only offers natural beauty and cultural heritage, but also offers modern services that pamper its citizens. One of the services is a car wash which not only provides washing services, but also prioritizes customer comfort. This article will review several  car washes that you should visit when maintaining your vehicle in Jogja. There are several comfy car wash in Jogja. 

So, if you are confused about finding a car wash in Jogja, please try visiting some of the recommended places. Here are some recommendations for very comfortable car tourist attractions in Jogja. Be careful not to miss it!

1. DK (DeKa) Car Wash and Coffee Corner: Comfort Throughout Washing

One of the car washes that offers a “comfy” experience in Jogja is DK Car Wash and Coffee Corner. With a calm atmosphere and friendly staff, this place not only provides exterior and interior car washing services, but also provides food and beverages services, so that you won’t feel like waiting while the car is washed. Customers often praise the comfortable atmosphere and friendly service provided by the staff.


2. Ambarrukmo: Easy Clean Easy Parking

For those who don’t want to wait a long time when washing their car, Ambarrukmo Car Wash is a car wash that is worth trying while in Jogja. This place offers a car wash service where customers can leave their cars by walking around the mall. With the concept of being located in one of the mall parking lots in Jogja. Ambarrukmo Car Wash not only provides customer satisfaction while waiting but also customer satisfaction with perfect results.


3. Smart Automatic Touchles: Washing Without Hassle

If you are looking for a different car wash experience, Smart Car Wash Automatic Touchles is the right choice. This place not only provides washing services, but also provides new experiences to customers. By using high quality care products, Smart Car Wash Automatic Touchles also provides a luxurious impression and satisfaction for you and your vehicle.


When caring for a vehicle, looking for a car wash that not only provides the best quality service but also provides comfort for customers is important. Starting from DK Car Wash and Coffee Corner to Smart Car Wash Automatic Touchles, Jogja offers a wide selection of “comfy” car washes that can meet your vehicle maintenance needs. Have fun caring for your car and enjoy the comfort offered by the best car wash in Jogja.

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